Door dr Mitzi Waltz, dr Elena Syurina, Athena Institute en Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

‘In recent years it has become clear that people on the autism spectrum are disproportionately affected by health and healthcare disparities (Krahn, Hammond and Turner, 2006; Emerson et al.,
2011). Previous literature establishes the fact that there are disparities between males and females with autism in relation to diagnosis, and to access, duration and success of therapies. However, research is still lacking on the extent to which sex, gender and dynamics regarding the development
of gender identity of individuals with autism may have a determinant impact on these disparities, and
how these variables may interact with other dynamics.’

De Vrije Universiteit deed onderzoek naar de gezondheidservaringen van vrouwen met autisme. Lees verder (Engelstalig) op

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